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Five reasons why you should use PNML Framework

  1. We participate in the design of the Standard, so we are aware of the models, subtleties and issues.
  2. PNML Framework seeks to be the most up-to-date Standard compliant library.
  3. It offers a comprehensive and intuitive (high-level) API to build PNML models.
  4. Thanks to model-driven engineering techniques, it is highly extensible; so we will be able in the future to easily extend it for the third part of the Standard.
  5. PNML models management is flexible; a best effort strategy is applied on models whose types are exotic. For instance, you may extract the underlying Core Model from any non-recognized or not conformant High-level Petri net model who shares the same graph with the Core Model.

Which Petri Net types of the ISO/IEC-15909-2 Standard does PNML Framework support?

Release 2.0.0 and subsequent versions, support the Standard's Core Model, Place/Transition Nets, Symmetric nets, High-level Petri nets and Place/Transition Nets in High-level notation. So, the Standard specifications for all net types are implemented in PNML Framework.

In the Standard terminology, PNML Framework is conformant to:

  • Core Model;
  • Place/Transition Net;
  • High-level Petri Net;
  • Symmetric Net;
  • Place/Transition Net in High-level Notation