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Related publications

  • L. Hillah, F. Kordon, L. Petrucci, and N. Trèves. PNML Framework: an extendable reference implementation of the Petri Net Markup Language, Petri Nets 2010, LNCS 6128, pages 318--327.
    [Bibtex] [PDF] (If you wish to cite PNML Framework in your own work, this is the recommended reference).

  • L. Hillah, E. Kindler F. Kordon, L. Petrucci, and N. Trèves. A primer on the Petri Net Markup Language and ISO/IEC 15909-2 Petri Net Newsletter (originally presented at the 10th International workshop on Practical Use of Colored Petri Nets and the CPN Tools -- CPN'09), 76:9-28, October 2009.
    [Bibtex] [PDF]

  • L. Hillah, F. Kordon, L. Petrucci, and N. Trèves. Model engineering on Petri Nets for ISO/IEC 15909-2: API Framework for Petri Net types metamodels. Petri Net Newsletter, 69:22-40, October 2005.
    [Bibtex] [PDF]

  • L. Hillah, F. Kordon, L. Petrucci, and N. Trèves. PN standardisation: a survey. In International Conference on Formal Methods for Networked and Distributed Systems (FORTE'06), pages 307-322, Paris, France, September 2006. IFIP.
    [Bibtex] [PDF]