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Welcome on PNML Framework's site

PNML Framework is a free and open-source prototype implementation of ISO/IEC-15909, International Standard on Petri Nets. It is jointly developed and maintained by MoVe in LIP6 and LCR in LIPN.

PNML Framework supports Part 2 of the Standard, which defines the Petri Net Markup Language, the XML-based exchange format for Petri nets. Part 1 provides formal definitions of Petri nets, for which Part 2 defines the abstract syntax and exchange format (PNML).

The primary purpose of PNML is to put into practice the interoperability among Petri nets tools. Thanks to this standardized transfer format, tools should be able to exchange Petri nets models, according to ISO/IEC 15909-2 specifications.


PNML Framework has been designed to back the ISO/IEC 15909-2 standard. It enables Petri nets tools developers to integrate PNML support in their tools. It provides an extensive and comprehensible Java API to:

  • create and save Petri net models in PNML;
  • load and fetch Petri net models from PNML.

Using PNML Framework, you will stay compliant and up-to-date with the Standard. You will also favor interoperability with other tools that use PNML and this framework or their own implementation.

PNML Framework is licensed under the term of the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

Discover five reasons why you should use PNML Framework.

How does it work?

PNML Framework is intended to be used as a Java library for your application. It provides two essential features, which will allow you to:

  • export your Petri net models, represented in your own tool format, into PNML;
  • import Petri net models from PNML into your format.

To use these features, the only requirement is to provide your parsing tool for your proprietary representation format of Petri nets (which most of the time you already have). Once you meet this requirement, you just build your new application in a few steps and integrate it to your Petri net tool.

The schema below shows the typical workflow you would implement to achieve PNML support in your tool, using PNML Framework. The developer's part (on the left-hand side) indicates that you would use the provided API to transform the Petri net models from your tool to PNML representation.
From your Petri net representation to PNML

Where to go from here?

Download PNML Framework.

Browse the documentation.

Have a look at some of the tools that use PNML Framework to support PNML.


Since its inception in 2009, PNML Framework has benefited from the contribution of the following people:

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This project has been partially supported by the ModelPlex European integrated project FP6-IP 034081.


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