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Petri net Tools that rely on PNML Framework

We report here Petri net tools that rely on PNML Framework. You may download and run them. You may also have a look at their sources, to get a sense of how they are using PNML Framework to support PNML. They varyingly support the Petri net types defined by the standard.

Model Checking Contest @ Petri nets

This case shows how to progammatically create Petri nets models, provided in the context of the Model Checking Contest, and save them into PNML files.

It is shipped as an Eclipse application archive, which can be imported as an existing project (File -> Import... -> General/Existing Projects into Workspace -> Next -> Select archive file).

Summary of Tools using PNML Framework for various purposes


PNML Document Checker

PNML DoC checks that a PNML Document complies with the ISO/15909-2 standard specifications. Active

PNML to Nested-Unit Petri Net (NUPN) Converter

PNML to NUPN Converter is a tool that translates Petri Net models from PNML, into the NUPN format. It handles Place/Transition nets that are 1-Safe. Active

PNML to Coq Converter

PNML to Coq converter translates Place/Transition Petri Net models from PNML into the Coq theorem prover language. Active

PNML to dot Converter

PNML to dot Converter exports Petri Net models from PNML into GraphViz' dot graphs. We provide it to show you how easy it is to get started with PNML Framework. Documentation about how it was implemented is available on the wiki. Inactive

Cami-PNML Converter

Cami-PNML Converter application translates Petri Net models between CPN-AMI CAMI format and PNML. Active

GrML to PNML Converter

This tool translates Symmetric net models from the CosyVerif GrML format to PNML. Only Symmetric nets are supported so far.

It is packaged in a single jar that can be run standalone on the command line:
java -jar fr.lip6.move.grml2pnml_X.Y.Z.jar path/to/grml/file

You may pass several GrML files at once (separated by a space) in the above command.