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Extending PNML Scope: a Framework to Combine Petri Nets Types

We have been experimenting extensions for Part 3 of the Standard ISO/IEC-15909. Part 3 is currently being elaborated. One of the challenges is to define a framework for the consistent composition of orthogonal extensions to build Petri net types.

Prioritised Petri nets

As an experiment towards this goal, we have designed the metamodel of Prioritised Petri nets, then generated PNML-ready Java code for this net type. The metamodel is designed thanks to Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), which PNML Framework is based upon. The PNML Framework plugin for the Prioritised Petri net type is provided from this link, so that you may have a look at it and provide us with your feedback.

It is a Zip archive you can import in Eclipse as an existing project. The requirements are EMF (you may install Eclipse Modeling Distribution) and PNML Framework (instructions on the download page).

More extensions will be provided on this page as the experiment are being carried out.