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Where to find examples of Standard-Compliant Petri nets Models in PNML?

There are various sources from which we recommand to find such PN models in PNML.

Model Checking Contest (MCC)

It is the most important source to date, where you can find Petri net models in PNML.

For the current edition, models are provided from the Models menu on the MCC web site. For the previous editions, navigate further in the Previous Edition menu.

You'll find on the Applications page of this site the archive of an Eclipse application in which the MCC models were created programmatically. It is a concrete example of how to use the PNML Framework library to create Petri net models and save them in PNML.

PNML official web site

A few models are also published on the official web site of PNML


The ePNK tool also provides many examples of Petri net models in PNML