This free and open source tool converts Petri net models from the PNML standardized format into the CPN-AMI's CPN-AMI Cami format. You can use it as a dependency in your application, or run it on the command-line.

If you run it as a command-line tool, you may use Macao or Coloane to import Petri net models in Cami, translated from PNML.

Download this tool from the dedicated page.


Cami to PNML Converter can simply be run on the command line and returns immediately. Simply provide a list of PNML Documents or Cami files to convert. You may also provide just a single document. The paths(s) and name(s) of the output file(s) will be deduced from the path and names of the input file(s) you provide at the invocation.

Supported standardized Petri Net Type

Currently, only the P/T Nets are supported. Symmetric nets support is no longer planned, since the GrML format progressively subsumes the Cami format. There is a conversion tool from GrML (version 2013) to PNML for that purpose.

Experimental feature

In this release, the PNML Framework's fall-back mechanism is used. That is, if you are exporting a P/T net from Cami, you may choose to export it as a Core model, or as a P/T net in High-Level notation (aka PT-HLPNG).

If you are exporting a Symmetric net from Cami, you may choose to export it as a Core model, or as a High-Level Petri net. This latter case is the only one where Symmetric net in Cami are processed.