This free and open source tool converts 1-Safe Place/Transition Petri Nets from the PNML standard format into the Nested-Unit Petri Net (NUPN) format. Note that the Caesar.bdd tool can translate NU Petri Nets from the NUPN format into PNML.

Thanks to the Bounds tool by Emmanuel Paviot-Adet, this tool first checks that the P/T Net model in PNML you want to translate into NUPN is 1-Safe. If that condition is not satisfied, the translation does not happen.

Download it from the dedicated page.


PNML to NUPN Converter can simply be run on the command line. It is expecting either a set of paths to PNML files, or to folders containing them, or a mix of files and folders. It scans folders recursively, looking for PNML files.

Usage information is available on the dedicated page.

Supported Standard Petri Net Type

This tool only supports Place/Transition (P/T) Nets, that are 1-Safe.


The development of many features of this tool has benefited from the insightful advice of and exciting discussions with Hubert Garavel and Fabrice Kordon. I would like to thank them for their many meaningful contributions.